About Me

22 Random Facts About Me
1. Jesus is my Savior.
2. I'll take any chance I get to travel.
3. I think any bad day can be made better with a cup of coffee and a good book.
4. My favorite colors are pink and green.
5. I look a lot younger than I am, and I often have TSA agents tell me I don't need to show ID because I'm a "kid." I then have to insist that I'm actually not.
6. I can't go long without listening to music.
7. I'm a news junkie.
8. I love, love, love kids.
9. Whenever I try to watch a movie, I usually end up falling asleep. I've seen the beginnings of lots of movies.
10. I'm terrible with directions. I get lost allll the time. 
11. My favorite food is homemade Chinese.
12. I really enjoy watching baseball.
13. Growing up, my family moved often. I've lived in around 15 houses.
14. I'm horrible at anything requiring artistic talent. Like, truly horrible. 
15. I have an English degree.
16. My favorite scent is peppermint. 
17. I love big cities, and I feel out of place when I'm out in the country.
18. I seriously hate country music. This didn't work well for me when I lived near Nashville for four years...
19. I love roller coasters.
20. I really enjoy being in airports.
21.I'm the fifth of eight kids in my family. 
22. I'm an English teacher

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