Sunday, December 6, 2015

Cake and God

A couple of days ago, I had the most amazing cake I think I've ever eaten. It was so good that after I took my first bite, I got the package out so I could read the label one more time just to make sure it was actually safe for me to eat. I had no idea gluten-free, dairy-free food could be that good. Thankfully, the cake was indeed safe for me to eat and I got to enjoy every bite of it. I had just kind of accepted that I can't eat yummy food anymore because of all my food allergies, so I was completely shocked that I made something that actually tasted good and I wasn't allergic to it.

Tonight, I was thinking about how people can sometimes just accept their lives as they are without realizing that it could be better. It's like we just get used to things being difficult, or struggling with certain things on our own, that we don't bother to realize that there's Someone who can help us with everything. It's easy to forget that God wants us to take every aspect of our lives to Him in prayer. We get so used to struggling on our own that we just forget to turn to God. When we finally do take things to Him in prayer, it's like we're reminded of how amazing life with God at the center of it can be.

I don't ever want to get used to struggling on my own. I want to continually be turning to God to make my life complete in Him. When I feel like I'm failing and can't keep up, it's usually when I have neglected spending time with God. When I do turn to God, I'm amazed at how much He helps me.

So, tonight, cake made me think about my relationship with God, and how I don't ever need to settle for struggling on my own. I know what my life is like with God at the center of it, and it's amazing. And now I know I don't have to settle for gross gluten-free, dairy-free cake anymore, either.

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