Friday, April 1, 2016

Random Questions: April Edition

1. Did you make someone laugh today? Was it intentional? I tickled a 3 year old until she laughed...does that count?
 2. What makes you sad? Saying goodbye to long-distance friends
3. Was today typical? Why/Why not? Yep, today was like pretty much every other Wednesday.
 4. Who do you trust the most? God
 5. What’s your next major deadline? What is it for? The fundraising deadline for my mission project in Hungary this summer.
6. What did you have for breakfast today? Cereal
7. Do you have any regrets today? Nope
 8. How did you add art to your life today? I helped kiddos make Easter cards. :)
 9. Travelling makes me happy. 
10. When is the last time you danced? Disney music.
11. List the people you live with. Older brother, younger brother, 2 younger sisters and my parents.
12. What fears did you have today? Can't think of any...
13. What did you forget? To have coffee before I left for work this morning.
14. What is your favorite TV show? Criminal Minds or Full House
15. I have faith that Jesus saves. 
16. Who is the last person you kissed? My little sister
 17. What did you wear today? Jeans, t-shirt and flip flops
18. What is testing you? Fundraising for Hungary
19. What’s the oldest thing you’re wearing today? My glasses
20. List 5 things you should have done today. I should have: 1) Read my Bible more 2) Eaten lunch 3) Taken a longer walk with my dog 4) Had coffee before work 5) Told more people I love them
21. Where did you spend the most time today? Work
22. Share a favorite quote. "The most wasted of all days is one without laughter." ~e.e. cummings
23. Who did you worry about today? A friend
 24. Were you creative today? How? Does helping a 3 year old draw a garden count?
25. What is the next major purchase you need to make? Plane tickets to DC
 26. What is the last thing that made you cry? Coming home from visiting friends in Dallas
27. Today was tough because I didn't have coffee this morning
28. Who are you jealous of? No one, really.
 29. Where do you want to go next? Another trip to Dallas would be lovely.
30. What did you read today? Currently working through Dressed for Death.