Wednesday, September 7, 2016

{Book Review} "Catching Heat" by Janice Cantore

Rating: 3.5/5

Catching Heat is the final installment in Cantore's Cold Case Justice series. 

Detective Abby Hart is excited to team up with Private Investigator Luke Murphy and Robert "Woody" Woods on a project dedicated to investigating cold cases. Abby and Luke are forever connected by the triple homicide that killed Luke's uncle and Abby's parents. That case has gone unsolved, so the two of them are especially interested in solving other cold cases so that other families can have closure.

The team's first official case is that of a college girl that was murdered after a party nearly twenty years ago. While looking into that case and searching for leads, the team also takes on a second cold case. This one involves a man who murdered his six year old twins and attempted to murder his wife. She survived, and has spent years searching for her murderous husband in search of revenge. Add onto that the fact that Luke and Abby are also investigating the cold case known as the Triple Seven murders, and this story is filled with frustratingly cold cases. 

When Woody and Abby get too close to solving one of the cases, catastrophe breaks out. Confusion reigns, and nobody knows what to do. Just when one cases appears to be close to being solved, something comes up with another case. Will this Cold Case squad ever catch a break? Will Abby and Luke find closure for the victims or themselves?

Overall, Catching Heat is a story that exudes excitement and intrigue from beginning to end. For the most part, the characters are developed well and the plot is well-thought out. The downside is that in a lot of the dialogue, Cantore employs a "tell the readers" instead of "show the readers" method of writing. Instead of showing readers the emotions the characters are feeling, she often tells them explicitly. Writing that can show readers the emotions of characters over telling them is always more interesting to read. Cantore does a great job closing out her Cold Case Justice series, and the characters finally reach some sort of resolution, so that is what really matters in the end.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for this honest review.

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