Friday, January 27, 2017

30 Things That Make Me Smile

I came across a blog prompt entitled "30 Things That Make Me Smile." Given all the sad, scary stuff I've been hearing on the news, I thought listing things (so, no people included in this list) that make me smile sounded like a fantastic idea. Here goes!

1. Warm weather
2. Books
3. Coffee
4. Hugs
5. "I love you."
6. Playing with kids
7. Lazy Saturday mornings
8. Teaching
9. Airports (yep, I'm weird)
10. Meaningful conversations
11. Watching baseball
12. Giving gifts
13. Organization
14. Pretty art
15. Old family pictures
16. Surprises
17. Music
18. Random acts of kindness
19. Hoodies
20. Scripture
21. Long walks alone with good music
22. Children's laughter
23. Freshly washed sheets
24. Fall
25. Random texts from old friends
26. People watching
27. Reading to kids
28. Gluten-free menus at restaurants
29.  Board game parties
30. Hearing kids I babysit for yell, "Dani!" when I walk through the door

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