Tuesday, November 10, 2015

{Book Review} "Child of Mine" by David and Beverly Lewis

Child of Mine follows the lives of adults who will do anything for their children. Jack Livingston left his irresponsible life behind when he suddenly found himself the guardian of his four-year-old niece, Natalie, after his brother and sister-in-law passed away. He moved to Wooster, Ohio to raise a little girl he barely knew. Knowing nothing about raising a daughter, Jack is relieved that he has the help of Natalie’s Amish nanny, Laura. Jack and Laura provide a life filled with love for Natalie. Jack feels he is doing a good job until Natalie begins expressing a desire for a mom. Jack is able to provide everything Natalie needs, but is this one thing she will just have to live without?

Kelly Maines has spent eight years looking for her daughter who was kidnapped as a baby. With the help of a private investigator, Kelly persistently pursues every lead, doing whatever it takes to obtain the information she needs. When Kelly finds out about a girl nearby who could be her daughter, she is unsure how to pursue the lead because she has promised to leave her deceitful tactics behind her. Can she honor her promise and still get the information she is seeking? Is it possible to do it without destroying her most important relationships in the process?

  Child of Mine is full of characters who rely on God to help figure out what to do in their lives. Each character has faced many struggles, and God’s faithfulness is credited for getting them through.
Deceit is a major part of the story, but it is portrayed negatively and leads to many repercussions. Many of the main characters wrestle with forgiving someone who has wronged them, and the negative implications of not truly forgiving and forgetting are explored. Perhaps the most important theme throughout the story is love–that actions based on love for others will ultimately lead to good.

Overall, Child of Mine is a sweet story filled with many twists and turns. Readers will connect with the characters as they work through the issues surrounding love and forgiveness.

I received this book for free in exchange for this review.

Dani Seilhamer, CLJ

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