Saturday, November 21, 2015

{Book Review} "Moonlighter Series" by Terri Blackstock

Rating: 5/5
The Moonlighter series follows the lives of the three Cramer sisters as they navigate the many challenges their lives bring. Together, the Cramers moonlight as private investigators with their friend Michael, working to clear up the many problems that surround their family.
In Truth Stained Lies, the sisters get their first taste of private investigation. Cathy, a former attorney who now writes a blog about criminals, gets a warning that something bad is going to happen. Then her brother Jay’s ex-wife turns up dead amid a bitter custody battle over the couple’s five year old son. All signs point to Jay being the killer, but the sisters refuse to believe that their brother could murder someone. Was he just in the wrong place at the wrong time, or is he really guilty? While trying to clear their brother’s name, the sisters and Michael also have to deal with someone evil from their past—Lynyrd Miller—the man who killed Michael’s brother, who was also Cathy’s fiancĂ©. Due to a technicality, Miller avoided prison. Will all of this prove to be too much for these novice investigators to handle?
In Distortion, the Cramers and Michael again find themselves investigating a crime close to the Cramer family—Juliet’s husband has been murdered. When Miller’s name comes up in the investigation, Michael is hopeful he may finally catch the man. The danger surrounding Miller means the entire Cramer family is at risk. When a kidnapping occurs, the sisters’ investigative skills are put to the ultimate test. Can they help the police find their loves ones? How does Juliet’s husband’s death relate to Miller?
Twisted Innocence focuses on the life of Holly, who works as a taxi driver when she’s not moonlighting as a private investigator. Now that she has a baby girl, she is trying hard to clean up her life. She’s perfectly content raising her daughter without the help of the baby’s father. When the girl’s father suddenly intrudes in their lives and brings tremendous danger with him, Holly is at a loss on how to protect her baby. When she finds out that Miller is the source of the danger, she feels compelled to help the baby’s father so that Miller can finally be caught. A kidnapping complicates everything, and the private investigators face their biggest trouble yet.
Terri Blackstock does a fantastic job creating suspense within the pages of the Moonlighter series. She does this while keeping everything clean, and even integrating Christian themes. Blackstock creates characters that struggle with believing in God in order to demonstrate God’s love and mercy. The Moonlighter series is a great series for readers that want to enjoy clean thrillers.

I received this book from CLJ in exchange for this review.
Dani Seilhamer, CLJ

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