Wednesday, December 9, 2015

{Book Review} "The Quiet Professionals" Series by Ronie Kendig

Rating: 4/5
As the first book in the Quiet Professionals series, Raptor Six introduces readers to the members of the American Special Forces team known as “Raptor Six,” and focuses on Captain Watters. Raptor Six is deployed in Afghanistan where they are working to stop the Taliban. After a catastrophe, Watters meets Zahrah Zarrick, a missionary teacher. Watters’ mission becomes to keep Zarrick safe, they both end up in the hands of Zmaray, their greatest enemy, and they have to rely on Raptor Six to save them. Can the men pull off the mission without their captain? Can Watters keep his romantic feelings for Zarrick in check? Whenever Raptor Six forms a plan, the enemy seems to always be one step ahead of them. Who is leaking information?
Hawk, the second book in the series, focuses on Sergeant Brian “Hawk” Bledsoe, a quick-tempered communications specialist.  When Zarrick’s Afghan cousin, Fekiria, asks Hawk to keep a secret, his temper lands him in jail. As punishment, Hawk is sent to a base in a different district. When a communications breach leads to deadly consequences, Hawk channels his anger to catch the hacker.  In pursuit of the enemy, Hawk and Fekiria face harrowing adventures with Raptor Six desperately trying to reach them to save their lives. Can Hawk and Fekiria get over their hatred for each other as they fight for their lives? Will Fekiria’s secret lead to the devastating consequences she fears?
Falcon is the culmination of suspense that the series has led up to.  Will the communications hacker finally be caught? Who is the mole? Trying to discover the answers to these questions is what drives Salvatore “Falcon” Russo to keep fighting. When Cassie Walker, someone from Russo’s dark past, reports for duty with Raptor Six, Falcon becomes angry and suspicious. Could Walker be the mole? Just when Falcon begins to trust Walker, she drops a bombshell on him, and their rocky relationship shatters. Raptor Six is fighting a ghost. When a deadly blast rocks the team, Raptor Six is desperate. Do they have what it takes to stop the enemy for good?
Kendig’s Quiet Professionals series boasts dynamic character development, captivating plots and intriguing enigmas.  Kendig writes realistic military storylines. The writing is littered with military terms and abbreviations, which are explained in a glossary. The detailed military talk makes the dialogue slightly difficult to fully understand.
As for language, there are some parts that lead into strong language being used, with the swear words being cut off by another character interrupting. In Raptor Six, torture scenes are written vividly, almost to the point of going too far in the descriptions. Overall, The Quiet Professionals, is a wonderful series, and is appropriate for adults.
I received a this series from the pubslihers in exchange for this review. Review originally published by Christian Library Journal.

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