Sunday, January 10, 2016

{Book Review} "Jesus: Experiencing His Touch" by Kay Arthur and David Arthur

Rating: 5/5

Jesus: Experiencing His Touch is a part of the 40 Minute Bible study series from Kay and David Arthur. It is an inductive Bible study guide for Mark 1-6. Because it is a "40 Minute" Bible study, it is broken down into six lessons that can be done in forty minutes with no homework.

This guide breaks down exactly how to lead a group through the inductive study method. It is laid out with clear, easy-to-follow instructions. Each chapter is broken down into segments to make marking the text easier. There are discussion questions throughout the lessons that are helpful for directing discussions of the text. Along with instructions on how to mark the text, there are occasional "Insight" boxes that offer additional information about the context of the text. Each lessons ends with a "wrap it up" section that aids in closing out the study each week.

The best part about this study is that you can do it even if you have no other experience with the inductive study method. Prior knowledge isn't necessary. The guide walks readers through what to do each step of the way. While the guide is intended to be used in a group setting, I have been working through it on my own as a part of my personal quiet time. The guide is very adaptable to whatever the reader wants. It goes in-depth within the 40 minute time constraint, but one could easily expand on the study if desired.

Pick up a copy of this guide and enjoy learning the inductive method while studying the life of Jesus through the gospel of Mark.

My inductive study of Mark 1

I received a copy of this book through the Blogging for Books program in exchange for an honest review.

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