Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Stepping Out: Summer Missions

Town Square in Kesztehly, Hungary

Today I finally submitted my application with Cru Summer Missions for SpeakOut 2016 in Hungary. I filled the application out back in November, but I wasn't ready to submit it. Until today. I finally felt ready to hit "submit."

Just like when I filled the application out for the same project last year, I was incredibly scared at the idea of actually getting accepted and going to another country for five weeks. Hitting "submit" means I am willing to go if the project director approves me. Having faith that God already knows how He will have me spend this summer was hard for me. Hitting "submit" felt like too big of a commitment for this noncommital girl. But I'm so glad I did.
SpeakOut 2015 American team selfie in the DC airport before heading to Hungary

When I was leaving SpeakOut last year, several of my campers asked if I would be coming back in 2016. I told them all the same thing: I simply don't know.  I'm not one to enjoy thinking way far in advance, and contemplating my future downright petrifies me, so when I got asked about my plans for the summer of 2016 back in July 2015, I couldn't even wrap my mind around thinking about whether or not God would bring me back to Hungary. I had other people on my team who were already saying they planned to come back. I couldn't understand how they could possibly know that already! I envied their ability to think that far in advance.

 When I came home, I began to pray about whether I would go back. After months of prayer, I finally felt like it was time to finish my application. So today, I hit "submit" and decided to trust my summer to God. Last summer, at the end of SpeakOut 2015, I had no idea if I'd return in 2016, but God knew that I would eventually realize He is calling me back. I'm so excited about the idea of going back and ministering to many more Hungarians!
SpeakOut 2015 team selfie on a boat on Lake Balaton

Cru has many summer mission project, both in the U.S. and globally! Check them out here: http://www.cru.org/opportunities/mission-trips.html

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