Saturday, February 20, 2016

The Most Important Question

We all answer lots of questions every single day (if you spend time with kids, you answers lots and lots of questions in a day). But what is the most important question you need to have an answer for?

It isn't:"What do you want out of life?"

It isn't: "Who do you want to be?"

It isn't: "What will my future look like?"

These are all questions we all find ourselves facing at some point. But none of them matter nearly as much as the most important question.

The most important question to answer is "Who do you say that Jesus is?"

In Mark 8:29, Jesus asks His disciples "Who do you say I am?" Our answer to this single question determines how we live our lives. In the inductive study on Mark that I am working through, Kay Arthur declares, "What we think about Jesus determines our destiny." If we think that Christ is a myth, we'll live according to the belief. If we acknowledge that Jesus is the Messiah, this belief will revolutionize our lives.

If you have answers for every little question regarding your future, but do not have an answer for who you consider Jesus to be, you've missed the most important question of all. We have to know who Jesus is so that we can live our lives according to who He is. Our belief in who Jesus is has eternal consequences.

Kay Arthur concludes the study on Mark 8 by saying, "We are called to declare Jesus as the Christ and to commit ourselves to following Him, no matter the cost."

Many questions seem important, but there is only one that is truly the most important question: Do you have an answer to the question Jesus asked his disciples in Mark 8? Do you live your life believing that Jesus is Christ?

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