Sunday, May 22, 2016

{Book Review} "Saving My Assassin" by Virginia Prodan

Rating: 5/5
Saving My Assassin is Virginia Prodan's story of working as a Christian attorney in Communist Romania. Growing up, Virginia endured extreme mistreatment from her mother, but this paled in comparison to the trials she would face as an adult. When Virginia was young, she had a close encounter with the Securitate, Nicolae Ceausescu’s brutal Communist police officers, as she was entering a church. This experience left her fearful of the Communists, and she rarely returned to church after it. 
Upon graduating high school, Virginia took and passed all of the necessary exams to enter law school. Facing many struggles, Virginia pressed on and managed to graduate and get a job learning under another attorney. During this time, Virginia found faith in Christ and began to regularly attend church and read the Bible with her two young daughters at home. 
After becoming a Christian, Virginia began to take on cases defending Christians who have been unfairly arrested by the Securitate. Virginia won many cases, upsetting the Securitate and Ceausescu himself. Virginia is interrogated, beaten and ultimately, Ceausecu assigns a man to assassinate her. As the title suggests, Virginia shares the gospel with her assassin and leads him to Christ. Her struggles did not end after that night, however. Virginia faced many more months of persecution before she had a chance to escape it all. 

Saving My Assassin is a story of resilience and deeply strengthened faith in Christ. Virginia faced evil head on at the hands of wicked men, and she relied fully on Christ to give her strength. Regarding her struggles, Virginia writes:

 "I suppose none of us know how high we can jump until a skyscraper obstructs our way, how fast we can run until a lion chases us, the value of our freedom until confinement restricts our movements, or how precious hope is until someone shatters our dreams." 

Saving My Assassin will encourage Christians to keep growing in Christ, and to rely on Him through every trial and triumph. Virginia endured unrelenting evil, yet she clung to Christ in the midst of it all. This is a memoir everyone should dig into. 

I received a copy of this book from Tyndale House Publishers in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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