Friday, May 27, 2016

When a French Fry Teaches a Lesson

I recently learned a great lesson...from a single french fry. 

A couple of weeks ago, I met some friends for dinner at Cheesecake Factory, and the night ended up being pretty terrible for me. I wasn't really planning to get anything to eat because I have serious food allergies and I don't really trust people to cook for me. However, when I looked at the menu, I got so excited to see that certain items were marked "gluten free upon request." So, I decided I'd order something to eat after all. Bad. Idea. 

When the food came, my hamburger had some mayonnaise on it, which I can't eat, so I asked the waiter if he could fix it for me. Before he took my plate back, I ate one fry. About five minutes later, I was in the middle of an allergic reaction. Apparently the fry wasn't actually gluten free after all. I started breaking out, feeling dizzy and having a bit of trouble breathing. I quickly ditched everyone at dinner and drove home so I could sleep it off (sleep totally fixes everything, right?)

The next morning, which also happened to be my twenty-first birthday, I woke up feeling completely hungover (apparently "gluten hangover" is an actual thing!) It took three or four days to finally feel good again, and during those rough days, I kept thinking, "I'm this sick over ONE fry!" I was angry with myself for trusting that I would be able to eat anything at that restaurant. I was frustrated that I had gone to dinner intending to just get a soda and hang out with friends, and I let myself be drawn in by all the yummy "gluten free" options. For four days, I was pretty furious with fries in general (ha!)

But, in the midst of feeling terrible, I was reminded of something. How often am I tempted by things of the world when I think I've already decided to say no? I intended not to eat that night. How often do I intend to do what's right and let myself slack off instead? I only ate ONE fry that night...yet, I was sick for days. This reminded me of times I've let "just a little bit of sin" take hold in my life thinking it's not so bad.  During those sick days, I would complain, "It was just a fry!" I got to thinking how that could be changed to, "It was just one lie!" or "It was just one mean comment!" or even "It was just one time!" All sin is evil, no matter how big or small, and that one french fry reminded me that even the smallest bit of sin causes all kinds of problems in my life.

That french fry taught me a lot: don't trust people based on claims they make; rather, form trust based on actions. Also, even one little sin causes ruin. And when I make up my mind, I should stand firm, and not be tempted by anything to change.

That's all my ramblings for tonight. Who knew a fry could teach me so much? :)

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