Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Random Questions: November

1. What decision are you glad you made? To apply for an exciting position.
2. Share some good advice. "Acta non verba"
3. What occupied your mind today? The presidential election
4. What was the best conversation you had today? Talking about 3rd party candidates
5. Do you love your job? Yep
 6. If you could get rid of one of your habits, what would it be? I talk too much.
7. List 5 things you wish you had with you today. Lotion, Starbucks, my car, a good book and my favorite hoodie.
8. What are the achievements you are most proud of? Graduating college at 18
9. What gadgets did you use today? Phone, computer and coffee maker
 10. What shocked you? Anything involving Donald Trump shocks me right now
11. What was the last lie you told? I have no idea; I'm incapable of lying.
12. What is your favorite cuisine? Mexican
13. What do you have too much of? Coffee (everyday)
14. What do you want to tell yourself in one year? "You made the right choice"
15. What is your greatest strength? Time management? Organization? I'm not sure.
16. Other than your clothes, what was with you the majority of the day? My phone and a cup of coffee
17. What’s your guilty pleasure? Chocolate with espresso beans
 18. What is bothering you? This election season.
19. What inspires you? Stories of people that have overcome incredible hardships.
 20. What impression did you make on others today? Well, I know my family thinks I care too much about politics. I'm sure I've left that impression on a few others today as well.
 21. What did you give up on today? Nothing
 22. How did you play today? By reading lots.
23. Name the last three things you used today. Coffee maker, phone, headphones
 24. What sound do you hate hearing? The sound of people cracking their knuckles.
25. Do you feel appreciated? Sure
26. Today I had too much free time. 
27. What worries you? Sometimes, my future does.
28. What did you get to do today? Lay around and read...I love vacation. :)

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