Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Random Questions: February 2017

1. What is your favorite piece of art you own? I don't really own any art...
2. The most expensive bill I paid last month was my car insurance.
3. What’s the last thing you apologized for? Bumping into someone
4. My favorite color is green
5. On a scale of 1-10 how is your health? 7
 6. If you could do today over, would you change anything? Nah
 7. Name a person you wish you didn’t have to deal with today. Can't think of anyone.
8. What is the largest TV screen in your house? I have no idea
9. What time did you go to bed last night? 9:30
10. What did you buy today? Fruit salad and a cappuccino
11. I wish I had the ability to master Hungarian quickly...if that even exists!
12. How many photos did you take today? one
13. What book are you reading right now? Looming Transitions by Amy Young
14. How many hours of sleep did you get last night? 8 hours
 15. Last thing you wanted but didn’t get. A pair of jeans from Kohls.
16. What mood were you in today? A happy one :)
 17. What was the last new thing you tried? Learning a second language
18. My biggest hope is God is in control and I am not
19. What has challenged your morals? Conversations that I've had lately.
20. What kind of car are you driving? Ford Escape
 21. List your pets. Kali and Lacey...the sweetest dogs. :)
22. What are three things you need to buy? A birthday present for my brother, mascara and stamps.
23. Today I felt really secure knowing God has a plan for my life. 
24. Whose life did you make a difference in today? Hopefully I made a difference in the lives of the kids I work with.
25. What is your super power? Talking absurdly fast
26. What is annoying you? All of the protests surrounding Trump's presidency. He's our president. Accept it, move on, and pray for him.
27. What would have made today perfect? It would have been great if I had spent more time practicing the Hungarian phrases I just can't. seem. to learn.
 28. What stresses you? Studying Hungarian