Tuesday, March 28, 2017

{Book Review} "Deep Extraction" by DiAnn Mills

Rating: 4/5

FBI Special Agent Tori Templeton and US Marshall Cole Jeffers have to fight to keep their personal opinions from obstructing a case when Sally Moore's husband, Nathan, is murdered. Tori and Sally have been friends since college, and Cole and Nathan had been friends for several years. When they are called in to solve Nathan's murder case, objectivity immediately becomes a challenge. Tori's partner, Max, is sick and plans to retire after this case. Can he successfully work one last murder case? As secrets about Nathan are uncovered, Tori and Cole begin to question everything they knew about their friend. Who hated Nathan enough to murder him? As an oil and gas company owner, Nathan's primary enemy was the EPA. When a bombing at one of Nathan's rigs occurs, Cole and Tori are left to uncover the threads that connect all of the crimes surrounding the Moore family. Is Sally Moore responsible for her husband's murder? 

Deep Extraction is your typical Christian romantic suspense novel. The details of the plot are well-written and leaves readers guessing who the guilty party is. The conflict within the task force makes for an interesting read as the three agents work to solve the crime. The romantic element of the plot is stereotypical of most Christian suspense novels. Overall, Deep Extraction is a great addition to Mills' FBI Task Force series. Fans of Dee Henderson, Dani Pettrey or Irene Hannon will enjoy this novel. 

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