Tuesday, March 7, 2017

{Book Review} "Deep Undercover" by Jack Barsky

Rating: 4/5

How did a German man growing up during the years of the Soviet Union wind up writing a memoir for a Christian publishing company? Jack Barsky has a fascinating life story that he tells skillfully in Deep Undercover. Barsky's story is one with thrilling elements, heartbreaking moments when he has to make tough choices, and incredible redemption when God changes his life completely.

Growing up in Germany, Barsky aspired to be a Chemistry professor. He achieved this goal, but then a knock on his dorm room door changed the course of his life forever. As a result of that knock, Barsky became a Soviet spy. Years later, he ended up undercover in the United States. When he finally wanted to leave the organization, he feared he wouldn't make it out unpunished. Having left behind a wife and son in Germany, Barsky felt immense guilt and shame for the way his life ended up. However, the most incredible part of Barsky's memoir is when he recounts his path from Atheism to Agnosticism to Christianity. It's truly amazing. 

God changed the life of a former KGB spy, and Barsky does a fantastic job recounting his life from childhood to the moment he becomes a Christian to the years afterward when he sought to make amends with all that he harmed. Deep Undercover is a remarkable book because the whole story exudes grace. This is an excellent, intriguing memoir. It's just a story about a man's life--but it's enthralling and exhilarating to get to read about the life of a Soviet spy! 

Deep Undercover comes out March 24th. It's currently available for preorder.

I received an eARC of this title in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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