Monday, May 1, 2017

Random Questions: May 2017

1. Who was kind to you today? The employees at Crave were extra kind today.
 2. Who is the last person you spoke with? A friend
3. What makes you feel alive? Travelling
4. The store I frequent the most is Kroger. 
5. How did you relax today? Reading and drinking a Machiato on my lunch break
 6. Describe your favorite pair of shoes you own now. Probably my black Toms.
 7. What rule had the most impact on your day? 
8. How many pairs of shoes do you own? I have no idea...
9. Today I lost my phone like 5 times.
10. I really wish toy whistles hadn’t been invented. 
11. What’s the most expensive thing you own that you can carry? Probably my iPhone
12. How much money is in your wallet right now? $20
13. Why was today unique? It really wasn't.
 14. What did you leave undone today? Thank you cards that I should have written and Hungarian homework.
15. Today the weather was fantastic until a storm came through.
 16. What was in your email today? Hungary-related emails.
17. What do you wish you had said today? Can't think of anything...
18. What was the biggest decision you made today? Whether or not to spend my lunch break at a coffee shop. 
19. What are you waiting for? My move to Hungary.
20. What is the prevailing truth about your day. God provides
 21. What is the last thing you settled for? Bad coffee
22. Describe your day in a six word sentence. I really loved my job today. 
23. What was the last thing that hurt you? Getting blood work done hurt a little bit.
24. Did you use your time wisely today? Other than driving in the wrong direction for 5 miles, I used my time well.
 25. Did you have a dream last night? Describe it. Nope.
26. Where do you wish you were? I'm content where I am right now.
27. What music did you hear today? Beach Boys
28. What did you have the most fun doing today? Getting Chik-Fil-a with the kids I watch.
29. What do you love most about what you get to do every day? The kids I work with.
30. What hobbies do you have? Reading, travelling, baking...
31. What was the lowest point of your day? Driving home during a terrible downpour.

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