Wednesday, January 6, 2016

31 Random Questions: January Edition

1. What is your number one goal this year? To grow in my relationship with Christ. 
2. What are you most grateful for? My relationship with Christ. 
3. Are you content? This is something I'm working on. 
4. What is your best memory of last year? The five weeks I spent in Hungary 
5. What was the last major accomplishment you had? Graduating college in 2014
6. What possession could you not live without? Sadly, probably my phone.
7. Can people change? Of course. 
8. What is the last “good” thing you ate? A banana muffin
9. What is your current favorite snack? Raisins
10. What made you smile today? Finishing my workout
11. What’s your favorite accessory? A bracelet that says "carpe diem"
12. What is making you mad? Hearing about all of the violence that goes on in my city. 
 13. What did you have for dinner today? Haven't had dinner yet; will probably have a turkey sandwich. 
14. What did you get done today? So far I've worked out, made muffins and worked on lesson plans
15. Who last called you on the phone? Emily
16. Who are you in love with? Jesus
17. What are you grateful for? Jesus, my family, my friends, the ability to travel...
18. The best part of today was drinking coffee and reading
19. My current favorite website is
20. What is the hardest thing you’re dealing with? Currently missing a lot of people that live too far away. 
21. Today I wish I had more energy...and coffee
22. Tomorrow will be better because Jesus is working in my life
23. What made today unusual? I actually worked out
24. What are you looking for from life? Purpose
25. What is your favorite thing to drink? Water
26. Today the temperature was 37 degrees
27. How much did you spend at the grocery store the last time you went? $20
28. Tomorrow I will learn and grow. 
29. What was your last major purchase? A plane ticket
30. My house is a home because I share it with family.
31. Who is the last person to tell you they loved you? My little sister

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