Sunday, January 3, 2016

{Book Review} "Hope Harbor" by Irene Hannon

Rating: 4/5

Michael Hunter has taken a two month leave from his job in Chicago and decides to head West. He ends up in Hope Harbor, Oregon, and from the moment he arrives, nothing goes as planned. When he finds himself without a place to stay, he almost gives up his plan of visiting Hope Harbor in search of answers. Before he can decide to get in his car and head to a new town, help comes in the form of Anna Williams, the elderly town recluse. Michael just wants to escape his grief and find some peace in Hope Harbor, and he decides Anna may be worth trusting. 

Tracy Campbell works her family's cranberry farm with her uncle. The farm has been in her family for three generations. Tracy is devastated to have to tell her uncle that the farm is struggling financially and may not survive. Even with Tracy and her uncle her working on extra job, the farm is still in considerable danger. Tracy is stretched thin with her work on the farm, her side job as an accountant, and her volunteer work with Helping Hands, her church's nonprofit organization designed to aid those in need. 

When Michael and Tracy's paths cross, their friendship starts off rocky. They are both harboring grief from their pasts, and neither one of them feel brave enough to open up their hearts again. Michael came to Hope Harbor to get rest and allow wounds to heal, but rest is the last thing he ends up getting once he gets involved with Tracy's hectic life.

Through many twists, Anna, Michael and Tracy all end up helping each other heal from past mistakes. Their lives intertwine in a city where there are few secrets. Can the three of them truly find hope in Hope Harbor, Oregon?

Hope Harbor is filled with well-developed characters. Each character has a unique background that offers depth to their personal stories. As the book unfolds, readers learn more about the difficult pasts of Anna, Michael and Tracy. The mysteries regarding their pasts is part of what makes Hope Harbor an interesting story. The theme of love being able to heal wounds is strong throughout the story, and makes for a heartwarming ending. Overall, Hope Harbor is a fantastic story of love, forgiveness and hope. 

I received an e-copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. 

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