Wednesday, March 1, 2017

"Just a Part of Life"

Tonight, I'm slightly traumatized and writing is therapeutic, so here goes...

Today, a small dog ran into the street and I couldn't avoid hitting it. I've never hit an animal before, and seeing that poor dog lying lifeless in the street really shook me up. I pulled over and called an animal clinic, but couldn't get anyone to answer, so I called the non-emergency police number. The dog had a harness but no collar or tags, so I couldn't figure out what to do. I couldn't just leave the dog, but I also couldn't call the owner because there was no information on the harness. 

While I waited for the police officer to arrive, another lady pulled to check on the dog. She had something in her car she could wrap it in, so she was able to move it off the road. Upon doing that, she asked me several times if I was okay and assured me it was just an accident. When the police officer came, he promised me he'd take the dog to animal control to try to find its owner. Then he insisted on checking my car for damage, and asked me multiple times if I was okay, and if my little sister, who was in the car with me, was okay. I kept insisting I was, but I guess it was pretty obvious I was shaken up pretty badly. I have two small dogs, and the image of that small dog in the street is seared in my mind. I can't get it out of my head. I feel terrible, even though I know that I couldn't have avoided it. If I had slammed my brakes, I would have caused a car accident.

After checking my car out and confirming it's undamaged, the kind officer assured me that "It's just a part of life. Don't beat yourself up." I'm so thankful for the kindness of that officer because if I had been stuck with a rude, harsh officer, I'm sure I would have cried hysterically. In that moment, God sent someone to extend love to me and I'm so grateful. 

The officer's words stuck with me, and it's made me wonder where else in life those same words can apply. I wish innocent dogs getting hit by cars wasn't a part of life. I wish cancer wasn't a part of life. I wish violence, poverty and starvation wasn't a part of life for a large portion of the world's population. But God's sovereign and I can trust that He's in control. I don't know why I hit a dog on my way home tonight, but I do know that it wasn't a surprise to God that I would do so, and it doesn't surprise Him that I'm still pretty torn up about it. He knew what my day would look like when I woke up this morning, and He knew I needed the kindness of that Collierville Police Officer to get me through the emotions of that situation. While I wish a lot of things weren't "just a part of life," I believe that God has a plan for the pain this world causes, and days like today sure make me eager for Heaven!

So, there's my random ramblings for tonight. I'm still slightly emotionally traumatized, but I'm better off than I was right after it happened.

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